Who is Bülent Uluçay?

Professional photographer Bülent ULUÇAY was born in 1968.

He was captivated by the art of photography while assisting his elder brother in the dark room in 1978 and  started his professional career as a studio photographer in 1980.

He has graduated from Istanbul Technical University and Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration, and attended academic courses on photography by assisting a number of distinguished lecturers.

He opened his first photography exhibition at Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty in 2003.

He has executed a number of successful projects such as the decor photos of Saba Tumer’s and Ugur Dundar’s News Studios, and portrait photos of a number of celebrities including Ahu Aysal, Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan and Feryal Gülman have been used as cover photos for magazines.

Attended as a guest photographer in the TV programs and serials including Hülya Avşar Show, BBG Evi, Yabancı Gelin, Rumeli TV, Saba Tümer’le Bu Gece. He has been interviewed by numerous magazines and periodicals.

His catalogue shots made for textile and fashion firms have been broadcast as Backstage on Fashionone TV.
He is a member of Creative Events Association YEPUD and Professional Promotion Photographers Association PTFD.

His documentary-like photography and video shootings are used in Turkey and abroad for advertising, commercial spots, promotion, fashion show, wedding and other similar events.

Provides organizational and agency services with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate as required by companies and natural persons.

He is married and has three children.

Bülent Uluçay @ New York 2015